Welcome to El Secreto del Abad

El Secreto del Abad (“The abbot’s secret” ) beers are produced by traditional methods which have been developed for several centuries and turn out to be a high quality result.

The main ingredients are: water, a careful selection of a variety of malts, a wide range of hops and brewer’s yeast. We don’t use any kind of additive or preservative, just natural and first class materials.

Our recipes are the result of many years researching and working to balance raw materials of the production process that end up in an enjoyable and tasty product.

The strain process is naturally made with the grain. The CO2 is generated by the yeast so there is no need to inject an artificial one, something greatly beneficial for our health.

A second fermentation is carried out inside the bottle without pasteurizing, in that way the yeast is still alive and the beer is still evolving and getting better quality.